The ONLY faith-based kids fitness certification + mobile business opportunity

<a href=><h3>Get Paid to Play</h3></a> </br>Start your own Recess business

Get Paid to Play

Start your own Recess business

Make your passion for faith, family, and fitness your paycheck with the only Christian business opportunity focused on kids fitness!

<a href=><h3>Rejoice at Recess</h3></a></br>Faith filled fitness for kids + families

Rejoice at Recess

Faith filled fitness for kids + families

Make money AND a difference using RR's Rejoice at Recess program to build Godly character, Godly confidence, and Godly friendships in the youth of your community.

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The American Heart Association and Center for Disease Control both recommend 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous physical activity in youth. Only about ¼ of America’s youth meet this recommendation. Don't be a statistic - come play with us!


  • The Recess & Results Youth Movement Instructor workshop is like no other youth fitness certification out there. Beth understands kids and what motivates them, and teaches the foundations of age appropriate physical activity in an energetic, fun, and inspiring workshop. The Recess & Results curriculum is easily implemented at schools, family fitness centers and outdoor parks and is an excellent addition to any fitness professionals’ repertoire-Ashley Mathe, Ashley Mathe Fitness & Nutrition (CA)

    Ashley Mathe
  • Beth (Recess & Results) has had an amazing influence on my business. She was able to expand my reach and allow me to serve more clients.-Ron Betta, Art of Fitness (FL)

    Ron Betta
  • The compassion and the care that goes into the Recess & Results Fitness programs for kids is remarkable and something I hope all parents and schools will get a chance to experience. -Annika Khan, Jungshin Fitness

    Annika Khan
  • RR is something that needs to be in every community. Very few school districts offer the recommended physical fitness guidelines within their curriculum and unfortunately physical education is the first thing cut from schools. Recess and results offers additional opportunities for children to meet and exceed their physical fitness needs while building social skills, self-esteem, friendships and so much more!

    Ashley Armstrong Instructor for Recess & Results
  • RR is not modified adult fitness. It is specifically for kids including nutrition & education about our bodies in a way that is fun for them to learn

    Monika McKennie Instructor for Recess & Results
  • Rejoice at Recess faith-based program is the ONLY faith-based kids fitness program on the market. - Lindsey Feldpausch pastor's wife + mother  

    Lindsey Feldpausch pastor's wife + mother
  • As an instructor, you are impacting the lives of your own children, plus children in your community while staying active yourself AND earning an income! Lindsey Feldpausch pastor's wife + mother

    Lindsey Feldpausch pastor's wife + mother
  • As an instructor, you have unlimited earning potential with license to teach all RR program formats at unlimited locations in your community! Lindsey Feldpausch pastor's wife + mother  

    Lindsey Feldpausch pastor's wife + mother