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<a href=><h3>Get Paid to Play</h3></a> </br>Start your own Recess business

Get Paid to Play

Start your own Recess business

Make your passion for faith, family, and fitness your paycheck with the only Christian business opportunity focused on kids fitness!

<a href=><h3>Rejoice at Recess</h3></a></br>Faith filled fitness for kids + families

Rejoice at Recess

Faith filled fitness for kids + families

Make money AND a difference using RR's Rejoice at Recess program to build Godly character, Godly confidence, and Godly friendships in the youth of your community.

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Play with Us

Request a Free Class

The American Heart Association and Center for Disease Control both recommend 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous physical activity in youth. Only about ¼ of America’s youth meet this recommendation. Don't be a statistic - come play with us!