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Saving the World, one Recess at a time


Every child, and every entrepreneur, knows their worth


Faith. Family. Fitness. Fellowship. 

Recess & Results is on a mission to “save the world, one recess at a time”. Once focused on fighting the childhood obesity epidemic, God opened our eyes to show us that while physical health is important, it does not stand alone.

Recess & Results programs build Godly confidence, Godly character, and Godly friendships alongside healthy habits, creating physically, mentally, and spiritually STRONG(er) disciples.But it’s not only in the kids & families we serve. Building strong(er) disciples starts at the top with ourselves and our close-knit family of independent Recess owners.

We are creating a community for Christian moms, teaching them to be entrepreneurs in one of the fastest growing sectors of the economy resulting in the FREEDOM they desire in all aspects of their life while keeping priorities of Faith + Family + fitness (in that order) in check.

a message from our founder, Beth Vazquez

- Beth Vazquez

Join our virtual group of moms who “play + pray + prosper” for fellowship and “real talk” with like-minded modern Christian moms!

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Saving the world, one recess at a time.


A worshiping workplace building disciples who are physically, mentally, and spiritually strong enough to acknowledge + fulfill the calling God has on their life.



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