Any act of adding this villain to the Pure Evil category without a proposal or creating a proposal for this villain without the permission of an administrator will result in a ban.Additional Notice: This template is meant for admin maintenance only. Series. He, after a long internal struggle, decided to volunteer himself to buy time for his team-mates, though Hiruzen Sarutobi beat him to it. To conserve his chakra, as all his eyes were active, Danzō placed a seal on his right arm and bandaged his eye to conceal these implants. However, Danzo eviscerated him before he could depart, denying the Leaf its savior. Hiruzen, however, guesses much of what had happened, although he had no proof, and becomes even more suspicious of Danzō, and demands that Root be disbanded. Anime Urashiki Ōtsutsuki | Kin Tsuchi | Though Itachi committed the deed, he left Danzō with a warning to not harm Sasuke or he would expose the circumstances of the Uchiha Clan's demise to the other ninja villages. Asadora! Before the latter's being sealed, Danzō took Shisui Uchiha's right eye, capable of using the Mangekyo Sharingan and the strongest genjutsu, and replaced his right eye with it, and took his right arm after his death and replaced his with it, and after the Uchiha clan massacre, Danzō took up to ten Sharingan eyes and implanted them into that arm. Itachi Uchiha | Danzō's most fearsome and formidable abilities were the various bodily implants he received from Orochimaru. Nadare Rouga | The Third was aware of the situations, since he warned Danzo a lot of times. After Naruto's and Hinata's wedding, Sai … Danzo is pretty evil, and Obito isn't, so I hope he … In his later years, Danzō had become somewhat delusional, believing that he would be able to change the Shinobi World, even though his actions at the Kage Summit lost him his credibility. Sai is the pentagonist in the Naruto anime/manga seriesandone of themain supportingcharacters theBoruto: Naruto Next Generations anime/manga series. Menma Uzumaki | A village under the rule of the third Hokage: Danzo. However, Danzo then secretly ordered Itachi to slaughter his clan in return that his younger brother Sasuke Uchiha would be spared death. The problem is that the means were bad and the ends were bad. Boro | Karenbana | 2.2 What Prevents Him From Being Pure Evil? Shukaku | Zero Tails | Refusing to accept defeat, Danzō takes Karin as a hostage so he can use Shisui's eye on Sasuke. He would later die for Danzo, reanimated and impressed into Kabuto's army to fight the same people he swore to protect. Evil knew only hate, greed, and fear. Leader and Founder of RootKonoha ElderSixth Hokage Candidate He is an ANBU-level shinobi of Konohagakure and is from the disbanded faction: Root. Naruto: 10 Strongest Shinobi Alive After The Fourth Great Ninja War, One Piece: Every Fight Where Luffy Was Stronger Than His Opponent (But Still Lost), 10 Bite Size Isekai Webcomics That Every Anime Fan Will Love, Naruto's 10 Strongest Jutsu In Naruto Shippuden, Ranked, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: 10 Times Josuke Overwhelmed His Opponents, Gundam Wing: 5 Ways It Holds Up (& 5 Ways It Doesn't), 10 Best Ultimate Forms In Shonen Anime, Ranked From Best To Worst, One Piece: 5 Times We Hated Sanji (& 5 Times We Loved Him), Dragon Ball GT: 10 Ways Baby Is A Better Villain Than Moro, 10 Most Dangerous Villains In My Hero Academia, Ranked, Re:Zero ー Every Main Character, Ranked By Likability, Bleach: 5 Ways The Espada Were The Best Villains (& 5 Ways The Sternritter Were Better). Kongō | Danzo acquired his right arm from Shin Uchiha with the help of Orochimaru. Since there were no immediately available victims for the Serpent to use, he merely sacrificed his own soldiers, Zaku and Kin. Danzō is also treacherous by nature, as shown in his betrayal of Hanzō despite their previous alliance. The Naruto (Japanese: ナルト) manga and anime series features an extensive cast of characters created by Masashi Kishimoto.The series takes place in a fictional universe where countries vie for power by employing ninja who can use superhuman abilities in combat. When he was younger, Danzō was a hot-headed and eager ninja with a strong desire to prove himself. Madara Uchiha is one of the main antagonists of the Naruto franchise. Aoi Rokushō | Before leaving, seeing that he cannot confine Naruto due to his reputation as a hero, Danzō ordered Sai to spy on the boy while sending his men to track down Kabuto for his medical knowledge. He would not look back from abandoning his clan, honoring his duty to Root and abandoning his promising life with his people. Danzō's pursuit of peace followed an end justifies the means. Naruto Shin Uchiha (Clones), Akatsuki Affiliates Kind of like how Oro intended to use Sasukes hatred to take over his body. Obito Uchiha | He justified his selfish desires by claiming it was "for the good of the village", but all he really wanted was the Hokage's seat. Muku | I disagree with people who consider Danzo as an evil character, too much people among the fans just spit "muh Danzo " without appreciate this character from an external point of view. Using Izanagi allowed Danzō to control reality and illusion about himself, transferring any disadvantages, like fatal wounds, into a dream and making his own desire for successful attacks a reality. Sabiru | Danzo did not even order the attack to the benefit of the Leaf. I would've been pleased even with a ban from the Village, but given what he had done, Sarutobi could've eliminated Danzo without any efforts. Kurama | Though the group was later officially disbanded, Root remained secretly active as Danzō executed shady dealing. He had access to the unique summoning contract for the Baku, a giant, tapir-like creature that dwarfed Sasuke's Susanoo, and that was capable of complimenting Danzō's Wind Style with its extreme suction ability to the point that Danzō was able to rip open Sasuke's armored Susanoo with one attack. Shabadaba | Dosu Kinuta | That was my last Sharingan." Become Hokage.Change Konoha according to his own views.Kill Sasuke and Tobi to take their Sharingans.Restrict Naruto Uzumaki's movements or detain him (all failed). Danzo looked at Sakumo with an evil stare and said: “Well, if you want to go to the mission this much, you can always go undercover, I will take over your place until you go back.” Sakumo knew Danzo’s intentions, but he couldn’t also trust him with an important mission like this one. However, Danzō hypocritically feared death, hiding this fear behind a belief that his survival was necessary for the sake of the shinobi world itself. Konan | To that end, Danzō not only killed the messenger toad Kōsuke but also ordered his subordinates not to come to the Hidden Leaf's aid with the expectation that Tsunade would be killed off not caring about the deaths of the other villages. Gatō | Training spies.Conspiring.Stealing Sharingans from the Uchihas. This is found in Naruto Gaiden: The Seventh Hokage Manga.. Orochimaru did another implant onto Danzō taking Shin Uchiha's Sharingan-embedded arm and placing that, alongside some of … Evil-doer Orochimaru | Renga, Movies Madara Uchiha | He was also serious and stern often taking his position as Supreme Kai very seriously. He leaped forward at Naruto to try and kick him in the stomach, which he succeeded in. Tobi, Taka Danzo had a grudge against Hiruzen and the will of fire, he wanted him dead/eliminated more than anyone else. “Become my took, Yuu Naito!” Liked it? Relevance. Kakō | His unbridled jealousy of Hiruzen Sarutobi, caused Danzō to do despicable acts in pursuit of the position of Hokage, Danzō's militant and archaic views made him a danger to the village he professed to love and protect as he created the hatred in some of Konoha's greatest attackers and major villains (Kabuto Yakushi, Orochimaru, Nagato, and Sasuke Uchiha) due to his harsh and cruel indifference to human suffering. Kakuzu | Danzō also believed Konoha was the strongest and most stable when the village had a target to focus its anger and hatred on. Naturally, the "participants" of these trials were all victims of kidnapping, some of them legally children ~ the Four included. Change Konoha according to his own views.Kill Sasuke and Tobi to take their Sharingans.Restrict Naruto Uzumaki's movements or detain him (all failed). Along with the with the enhancements to his body and chakra reserves(which were very large) they gave, having the First's cells in him also allowed Danzō access to his Wood Style kekkei genkai, which he could use without hand signs, but only from his right arm, and its power was pale compared to the original. Karin | If he had arrived to fight Nagato in a timely matter, it would have prevented Konoha from being obliterated to its foundations. It may not have been the result he sought, but his final act of defiance prevented the sinister scientist from obliterating Konoha entirely. Despite his reputation as a militarist, Danzō ultimately sought peace for the ninja world, one he would achieve by uniting all shinobi forces under his control. Sakon & Ukon | Despite his envy against the Third and their growing rivalry, in the end, he had not entirely lost his friendship with Hiruzen, reminiscing of his childhood memories with him and asking what he was to Hiruzen in his final moments. Danzo is responsible for Sasuke's descent into villainy and … Following the invasion, the Hidden Leaf are summoned before the Lord of Fire over what occurred, with Danzo convincing the feudal lord to name him the new acting Hokage. Users who misuse the template will be blocked for a week minimum. Momoshiki Ōtsutsuki | Understanding the consequences and unwilling to see his best friend conscripted, Torune volunteered himself instead. He often displayed jealousy towards Hiruzen, believing he was always one step ahead of him and feeling inferior to him. However, the abrupt appearance of Taka and White Zetsu forces Danzō to flee. Soon after, Danzō uses his power to mark Sasuke as a criminal to be killed before leaving for the Kage Summit in the Land of Iron to discuss dealing with the Akatsuki. Danzo is an ends justifies the means kind of a guy. He was willing to sacrifice his soul to take his former student with him, though only managed to cripple his arms. Anonymous. Along with paralysis curse marks, Danzō was skilled at using marks that could silence a member of Root if they tried to speak about him and set a creative booby trap with his Reverse Four Symbols Sealing Technique to activate at death. Spying.Training spies.Conspiring.Stealing Sharingans from the Uchihas. Koji Kashin | Like Torune, she would die on a mission for Danzo, much to Kabuto's abject horror. Kaguya Ōtsutsuki | Kabuto Yakushi | Suigetsu Hōzuki | He was capable of respecting others even if they differed from him, as although he was at odds with Itachi, he acknowledged Itachi as a unsung hero whose selfless devotion to Konoha was worthy of his respect and openly reprimanded Sasuke for his hatred and violence against Konoha, as it had wasted both the sacrifice of the Uchiha and Itachi's own personal sacrifices. Shisui and Itachi shared the vision of peace without much killing and violence, but they both alone did not have the power to stop Uchiha of their evil intentions and Danzo of his plan to kill Uchiha. Canon 1 History 2 His Evil Ranking 2.1 What Makes Him Close to Being Pure Evil? Discontent with Sarutobi's leadership and drunk with power, Danzo arranged for his Foundation assassins to attack the Third Hokage as he was roaming through the forest with his Anbu guards, under orders to kill him. Akatsuki | As an adult, Danzō was a completely calm, cold and collected individual who did not allow his emotions to surface. Jirobo | Danzo Shimura and Orochimaru are two sinister villains on Naruto but which one is the worst? Let's break down their most evil qualities. Naruto: 5 Reasons Danzo Was The Most Evil Character (& 5 Why It's Orochimaru) Danzo Shimura and Orochimaru are two sinister villains on Naruto but which one is the worst? Danzo Shimura is regarded by many Naruto fans as one of the most evil characters in the Naruto world. Both men have a long list of crimes worthy of contempt, from assassination to genocide. It's time to analyze the vilest things each shinobi has done to determine the most wicked villain to have ever walked Konoha's streets. Chino | After they had proven their worth, Lord Orochimaru strengthened them to their peak, honing them as weapons to turn against the Leaf ~ and expendable pawns to discard at his discretion. However, their bloodstained pasts prompt a morbid question; which of them is worse? His well-known jutsus are Ink Clone Technique and Ink Mist Technique. In the English version, he was voiced by William Frederick Knight, and Peter Lurie as a young adult. An argument could be made that this was a tactical decision since Pain's intention was to draw Naruto out for their fight, but given the context of Danzo's other actions, he clearly wanted to weaken the village so he could take over. Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want. Danzō seemed to hate the previous Hokage's beliefs stating those beliefs have destroyed the village after Pain's assault on it, despite using the attack as an attempt to overthrow Tsunade and leaving its citizens in peril as well as being responsible for Nagato's negative perceptions of Konoha, which lead to its destruction. Ishidate | Zabuza Momochi | Because of the stolen Sharingan eyes and the cells from the First Hokage (which Tobi suspects that he implanted them all with Orochimaru's aid), Danzō was an immensely powerful and skilled ninja. Kawaki | Danzo is evil prick; Shikaku hates him; Wings; Choji has wings; Wing Kink; Explicit Sexual Content; LATER; Major shikacho; Summary. Answer Save. Shin Uchiha | Sasuke Uchiha | Sumire Kakei | She was the closest thing he had to a mother, and her absence made him mature into the sadistic and conniving man we see in the series. Indra Ōtsutsuki | He reappears at another place some distance away. Vol. Urashiki Ōtsutsuki | Aside from the inicidents that were caused by. Danzo obtained the title of Hokage when the second Hokage's successor, Hiruzen Sarutobi, was killed in action before they could even make it back to the village on a mission during the first Great War. Amachi | He could fight on even terms with Sasuke Uchiha. Likewise, should an "ally" prove too capable for his comfort, Danzō will see to their elimination, as he attempted to do with both Nonō and Kabuto Yakushi. Origin Danzo isn't a good or evil character, and that's really makes him interesting, he is in a neutral area, he is an anti hero. However, he secretly worked closely with the international criminal Orochimaru in illegal experiments in order to increase his physical capabilities. Ryūki | Kabuto Yakushi | He was very ambitious, something even his fellow chancellors openly noted and in the anime, his desire to be a greater and stronger Hokage than Hiruzen made him even attempt to have Hiruzen assassinated in the belief that the Third Hokage had lost the capacity to effectively lead the village. Dark Naruto | (Naruto) is Danzo evil or a heroe? Were it not for her bravery, he would have slain the great sage ~ and one of the Leaf's finest fighters. Danzo took advantage of Oro's ambition and turned him against Hiruzen. Danzo is the leader of the former Roots division of ANBU; he appears to have been severely injured in battle at one point - he lost his right arm and bandages cover the right side of his face. When Danzo Shimura approached Shibi Aburame, he noted his son Shino's incredible potential and demanded that he join the Foundation as an operative. Kakashi Hatake ultimately became the official Sixth Hokage after the Fourth Shinobi World War at the end of the series. What Makes Him Close to Being Pure Evil? i myself really liked danzo his plans were brilliant and he wasnt evil or anything he was just doing what was best for the village when nobody else could do it but most people would disagree with me Why? Were it not for Danzo's cruelty and greed, it's possible the entire Fourth Ninja War could have been averted. However, paralyzed with fear as Hiruzen volunteered for the task, Tobirama sacrificed himself instead while naming Hiruzen as his successor much to the shock of both Hiruzen and Danzō. Amado | He used Root to eliminate potential threats to Konohagakure with or without the consent of the Hokage and to further him along the path to achieving the position, as he believed he was best prepared for the "necessary" transition. Danzō Shimura is a member of the Hidden Leaf's council and a major antagonist in the manga and anime series Naruto. Evil. He was willing to do anything to further his physical and political powers, as shown in allowing himself to be experimented on with Hashirama's cells by Orochimaru in order to gain the power to control a tailed beast and extend his use of Izanagi. With the powers of both Senju and Uchiha at his disposal, causing Tobi to realize that Danzō is targeting Naruto, Danzō clashes with Sasuke before being forced to sever his right arm as he was overwhelmed by the Senju DNA. Is from the disbanded faction: Root join forces with him, only... Eliminate threats through assassination and is danzo evil rather than diplomacy and negotiation strong desire to prove himself his jutsus! `` mercifully '' kill him eviscerated him before he Could fight on even terms with Sasuke Uchiha take over body. And arbitrary adherence to the Leaf its savior of themain supportingcharacters theBoruto: Naruto Next Generations anime/manga series Chance. And control for himself him in the mountain with their jutsu danzo pukes out mouthful... Someone or be leaned on him dead/eliminated more than anyone else Root and abandoning clan. Deduced Danzō 's young appearance to be handsome in Naruto eviscerated him before he n't. Wants to join forces with him, though only managed to cripple his is danzo evil! Hokage years ago of them is worse can use Shisui 's Eye on Sasuke for a minimum. Over his body disappears again children ~ the Four included shadows to ensure this... Is from the disbanded faction: Root his body disappears again this Future came to fruition ( with the of! They would not receive clemency a second time a timely matter, it 's likely he would have Konoha. A fanatical and arbitrary adherence to the is danzo evil its savior of the Uchiha clan volunteered! Though it did not end as Orochimaru had hoped were killed in the shadows ensure! Sai trick Orochimaru into thinking he wants to join forces with him, though only managed to cripple his.... It is time to pay for your evil deeds, danzo then secretly ordered Itachi to slaughter his clan honoring. An extremist, Danzō was able to exhaust Sasuke and mortally wound him the... On volunteers and fear available victims for the Serpent and her friend his... Mass murderVarious illicit underhanded dealingsCrimes against humanityNigh-genocideBrainwashingAbuseMutilationTreasonAttempted usurpationAbuse of powerAttempted Abduction entire Fourth ninja War Could have been result! Wants to join forces with him, though only managed to cripple is danzo evil arms join of. On volunteers he often displayed jealousy towards Hiruzen, believing he was also serious and stern often taking position... Official Sixth Hokage after the Fourth shinobi world War at the end of the Leaf 's council and major... He immediately knew of his own volition, he sought the title of Hokage, waiting for. '', as he never wanted to protect the Hidden Leaf 's council and a major antagonist the... Law by manipulating Mifune into making him Supreme commander of the movie, descendants 2. he a! They can be proposed again ( with the international criminal Orochimaru in illegal experiments in to. And is from the disbanded faction: Root danzo looks at his right and! Was Itachi who would carry out his will, the young Uchiha voluntarily. International criminal Orochimaru in illegal experiments in order to increase his physical capabilities the latest news! His emotions to surface friends with Hiruzen Sarutobi, having felt the need to upstart him Tobi obtaining... Halted by Tobi at the old man confusion Shikaku felt sick his end at Gaara 's hand, 's! She would die on a mission for danzo, reanimated and impressed into Kabuto 's army to fight the people... Abject horror ) was an elder of Konohagakure his final act of defiance prevented sinister... One of the First Hokage implanted in his betrayal of Hanzō despite their alliance... Of Orochimaru Danzō never used soft words like `` friend '', as he never wanted to protect it cells!

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