The Leader in Kids + Family Fitness

Recess & Results is a lucrative opportunity created for Christians with passions for Faith + Family + Fitness.

Whether you are looking for a “side-hustle” or a full-time career, we offer a unique combination of youth fitness education, essential business coaching, AND a variety of turn-key programming guaranteed to make YOU a success!

  • Family owned, Christ-centered business
  • Nationally recognized kids fitness certification boasting NASM and AFAA stamps of approval
  • Business tool, resources, and personalized coaching for all stages of entrepreneurship
  • All Recess programs are uniquely designed by in-house professionals and tested by kids
  • Rejoice at Recess faith-based program is the ONLY faith-based kids fitness program on the market
  • Recognized partner of the Alliance for Healthier Generation Healthy Schools program

Build a business doing what you love and help us save the world, one recess at a time.  Contact us to learn more or enroll to become an owner  today!

Hear why our current owners love Recess:

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  • As RR owners we are Entertaining Exercise Evangelists.and we take our jobs seriously.
  • An ENTERTAINING Exercise Evangelist is a Christ-centered entrepreneur, Called according to His purpose.
  • "Saving the world, one Recess at a time" isn't just something cute we say... it's a calling and it starts with ME.
  • ENTERTAINING Exercise Evangelists choose FAITH over FEAR each day, and do not give up when the enemy attacks.
  • We believe PLAY is the universal language of love and we use play-based fitness programs to spread hope and save lives.
  • We know our passions for FAITH, FAMILY, FITNESS are God-given and we use them to fuel our fight.
  • As I work alongside my tribe to make strong(er) disciples, I too become one.
  • We are a family, united by the grace of God for a time such as this.
  • Together we play. We pray. We prosper.
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