Why I Love My Recess & Results Business!

Why I Love My Recess & Results Business!

I taught in the classroom for 14 years prior to God telling me that things were going to drastically change and I would become a stay at home mom.

A stay at home what?!?! “Don’t you get it? I’m a career woman. I went to school for 6 years, and it was not to become a stay at home mom!”

But what I didn’t realize was that I prayed before my daughter was born that my children will have a similar childhood to mine. God was answering my prayers. But that’s not all. In addition to that, I was moving to another state away from my nucleus. Wait, what?!?!

Fast forward.

One day, I received this text message about a company called Recess & Results. It’s a faith based company that focuses on developmentally appropriate kids’ fitness!


I took that leap of faith and I responded. The next thing I know I completed the certification and have been loving it since!

So you want to know my top 3 reasons why I LOVE Recess & Results? Why did I jump all in?

3 words… Faith, Family and Fitness!!

#3. I get to teach on my terms! As I mentioned before, I used to be a classroom teacher and although I haven’t been in a physical classroom in over 3 years now, teaching is still in my heart. With Recess & Results, I get to teach BUT on my terms!! I get to run my classes the way I see fit. The curriculum is amazing, easy to navigate and developmentally appropriate! AND all of the other instructors are amazing!!! The camaraderie is awesome and we are states aways from each other! I felt like I’ve known these ladies forever! That speaks volumes about the company! You can’t beat that!

#2 It’s faith based! One thing that drew me to this company was the foundation in faith. I loved the fact that we could teach classes at churches or with other faith based organizations. I feel faith gets left out of a lot of programs so I was super excited that I could do this ministry! I mean I get to talk about Jesus, and it’s not just at church. I get to do a ministry that I’ve always wanted to do!

#1 The family is the focus! Recess & Results does an outstanding job at keeping the family the focus of the curriculum. The approach is simple and ingenious! It is there to enhance family relationships which is so needed today. And it’s not “something else to keep kids busy” or “something else to add to my already stressful day”. The activities are fun and inclusive! A definite win-win in my book!!!!!

I never thought that I would be teaching my own children at this level, but I realize that all of this was God’s plan from the beginning. Recess & Results has been that tool that has kept my life in balance. I’m thankful for that text. I’m thankful I responded. I’m thankful for the journey.

Afrisa W. Gardner, M.S.Ed

Learn more about joining Afrisa on the Recess team here.