Recess & Results Owner and Instructor Agreement


In furtherance of our collective efforts to finalize our partnership for instruction of Recess & Results® classes, the following represents our letter of understanding. This letter will serve as an agreement between Recess & Results® and contracted instructor

Youth Movement Instructor Training: Recess & Results® providesa Youth Movement Instructor training workshop and certification for all Recess & Results® class leaders. Individuals wishing to lead Recess & Results® classes and teach any Recess & Results® curriculums must hold a current Youth Movement Instructor certification. Certification costs include 2-year certification and does not include class outlines. All class curricula and instructor resources are accessible via the virtual instructor portal (VIP) for an additional fee. Certifications are non-transferable and must be completed within 90 days.

Recess & Results® Virtual Instructor Portal (VIP): Recess & Results® provides additional curricula and resources for Youth Movement Instructors via our virtual instructor portal. Access to the portal is available at a rate of $49 / month.

Recess & Results® InstructorRequirements: Instructors must be 18 years of age, maintain a current CPR certification and comply with the following:Complete Recess & Results® Youth
  • Movement Instructor certification course and complete certification exam scoring 75% or higher.
  • Commit to completing 2 additional continuing education workshops specific to youth fitness per year. Workshops are hosted by Recess & Results both virtually and in-person and are at no additional cost to instructors with an active VIP membership.
  • Hold a 2 or 4 year degree in health, exercise science, recreation, physical education, elementary education or related field, maintain an approved nationally recognized fitness certification (approved certifications include ACSM, AFAA, ACE, NASM, NSCA, NETA), and / or provide a resume and references showing significant youth experience.
  • Instructors must attend a Recess & Results® instructor “refresher” workshop every two years to maintain eligibility to teach Recess & Results® classes / curriculum and hold license and limited rights to the name and curricula
  • Consent to a background check
It is the responsibility of an instructor to submit the materials documenting the above criteria.

Recess & Results® Youth Movement Instructor Responsibilities:
  • Maintain current CPR certification.
  • Maintain Youth Movement Instructor certification.
  • Update personal class schedule on your personal RR webpage (to include dates, times and location)
  • Utilize the Recess & Results® name and trademark when leading classes and teaching curriculum. (Example: Recess & Results with Beth) Classes may not be re-named.
  • Follow class outlines and curricula as provided by Recess & Results®, maintaining integrity, format, trademark, and copyright for the program.
  • Make certain all participants have a waiver and health history form on file prior to participation in class. Recess & Results® provides a health history form for instructors use.
  • Represent Recess & Results® with the highest level of integrity at all times, referring to corporate office when necessary.
  • Maintain kids fitness instructor liability insurance
License Information:
  • Participants successfully completing the Youth Movement Instructor Certification will be granted rights to teach Recess & Results® classes for up to two years. Upon expiration of Youth Movement Instructor certification, these rights are revoked unless renewed.
Trademark / Copyright:
  • Youth Movement Instructors maintaining credentials as listed above are granted license and limited, non-exclusive rights to Recess & Results® copyright and trademark and are eligible to utilize and teach Recess & Results® classes and curricula. The Recess & Results® name must be used on any / all class schedules with trademark and copyright markings included. Recess & Results® classes may not be renamed.
  • Youth Movement Instructors are granted rights to teach Recess & Results® classes, use the “Recess & Results®” name in your class title, and advertise yourself as a “Recess & Results®” Youth Movement Instructor or “City, State Owner” operating a business titled “Recess & Results with name”. Any other use of the Recess & Results name or logo must be approved by the corporate office.
  • Instructors promise to not reprint, copy and / or reproduce Recess & Results® curriculum, resources, classes, concept, and / or format
  • Instructors promise to uphold the integrity of the Recess & Results® program, refraining from sharing any Recess & Results® information, resources, curriculum, or tools with non-certified individuals or third parties.
Independent Contractor:
  • Every Youth Movement Instructor is an independent contractor and therefore sets their own schedule, rates, terms, agreements, etc. with the facilities you choose.
  • Instructors are not employees of Recess & Results®, but rather hold the credentials to teach the Recess & Results® programs.
  • Owners and instructors are responsible for their own tax filings related to income generated through their Recess & Results business.
  • Recess & Results owners and instructors choosing to partner with a Regional Recess Director understand the relationship with that director is a separate independent contractor relationship.
I agree to the terms and conditions as outlined in this letter. My signature below represents my commitment to the adherence of outlined terms and my acceptance of responsibilities as a Certified Youth Movement Instructor. Furthermore, my signature represents my understanding of all responsibilities, and my physical ability to perform all responsibilities as it pertains to the Recess & Results® program without additional accommodation.
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