Recess & Results provides ongoing training and resources, accessible 24/7  via our Virtual Instructor Portal (VIP).

Virtual Instructor Portal (VIP) membership includes:

  • Personalized Recess & Results business webpage to include your Recess schedule
  • Business building resources including guide to getting started, prospecting templates, and marketing materials
  • Unlimited 1-1 email + phone support for building your Recess business
  • Additional Recess & Results curriculum for preschool and elementary age groups
  • REJOICE at Recess curriculum for preschool, elementary, and family classes
  • JUST FOR KICKS Soccer program + instructor training
  • Summer Camp curriculum
  • HIGH FIVE: 5 minute classroom breaks
  • SNACK ATTACK: healthy snack recipes
  • Additional take-home resources for kids and families
  • Early access to R&R training calendar
  • “Pilot” access to new R&R programs

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