Time Management Tips for Mompreneurs


1. Set your priorities. You have a dream for your business and it will not come to pass without sacrifice.  Living by your priorities will not only drive your business forward, it will save your sanity.  List the top 3-5 things that are important to you, and then schedule your priorities (vs. prioritizing your schedule). For example, my priorities are Faith, Family, Health, Work (in that order). That means if a friend is inviting us for dinner during scheduled work time or before my workout is complete, the answer is “no”.  Or if someone ask me to teach a class or coach another entrepreneur on a Sunday during church, the answer again is no.

2. You CAN do it all – but not all at once.  Schedule your priorities.  As a momprenuer, work is one of them so commit to blocks of work hours.  Pay a sitter, ask a friend /family member to commit to blocks of time each week, or set a schedule with a supportive spouse and shut out the world during your work hours.  Be fully present.  If you have these uninterrupted blocks of time recurring on the calendar it allows you to be present for your family without being distracted by your business to-do list and vise versa.
3. Focus on revenue-generating activities FIRST.  It is so easy to get sucked into social media, re-writing website content, examining what competitors are doing, perfecting a pitch (again)… the list goes on.  While those things are important, it is just as important to realize that perfection can be paralyzing. Get in the habit of asking yourself, “what action could I take right now, that will directly result in sales” and complete those actions first.
4. Say “No” without giving a reason. Moms have this universal superpower to juggle exactly 1 million things at once.  And because we can, we generally do.  So often we are left feeling like there are not enough hours in the day because there aren’t!  We have overwhelmed ourselves with commitments and responsibilities only to realize we haven’t given our BEST to anything.  Blair Critch, mompreneur and million dollar earner with Lev-el once told me that “stepping down allows someone else to step up”. I remind myself of that truth each time I am tempted to feel guilt after replying a polite “No; but thank you so much of thinking of me” to an invitation to serve on a committee, participate in another PTO activity, lead a community group, attend an event… you get the idea.  Set your priorities and live by them.  If something that is taking up time doesn’t match those priorities, step down and allow someone else to step up.  A simple “no, but thank you so much for thinking of me” is all that needs to be said.  Save the long explanation, it only takes up more time 🙂

5. Get moving!  A study by The University of Georgia finds that engaging in regular, low intensity exercise can reduce fatigue by 65%.  The Mayo Clinic, CDC, and  American Heart Association, regular physical activity boosts mood, increases energy and mental focus, and promotes better quality sleep, ALL of which will increase productivity allowing you to do more in less time.  Plus, it decreases sick days and doctor visits both of which take time away from your priorities.  Exercise doesn’t have to equal an hour on the treadmill.  Make fitness fun by including your kids and family and exploring a new outdoor bike path, swimming, playing a game of tag, or enjoying an after dinner scavenger hunt.  Get creative but get moving!

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