The Power of Play… from 3 leading experts

The Power of Play… from 3 leading experts

“Play is often talked about as a relief from serious learning, but for children, play is serious learning.” – Fred Rogers

We have all heard play is an important part of childhood, and although we may agree, do we really understand why? Check out the science behind “play” from 3 leading experts.

  1. Play is so important to optimal child development that it has been recognized by the United Nations High Commission for Human Rights as a right of every child.Screenshot_1
  2. American Academy of Pediatrics: “Play is essential to development because it contributes to the cognitive, physical, social, and emotional well-being of children and youth. Play also offers an ideal opportunity for parents to engage fully with their children.” The article goes on to add “Play allows children to use their creativity while developing their imagination, dexterity, and physical, cognitive, and emotional strength. Play is important to healthy brain development.” (online journal
  3. KidsHealth, a site published by Nemours, outlines the benefits of kids exercise to include lower risk for diseases and better outlook on life. The same article defines the elements of kids exercise as actions and activities associated with play.

Despite the overwhelming research and expert advice on the power of play, the time kids are allowed to play have sharply decreased due to factors including hurried lifestyle, changes in family structure, and increased focus on academics. Programs like Recess & Results offer a solution! Follow us on Facebook for tips on keeping your kids active, or consider becoming a RR owner and getting paid to play with the kids of your community!


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