Silly Rabbit, Easter is for Jesus

Try this new spin on the classic Easter Egg hunt and teach / remind your family + friends of the real meaning of Easter!

Easter Story Egg Hunt

Supplies need:
Plastic eggs
Easter story cards (free download below)
Construction paper or poster board

Number the story cards 1-8, cut them out, and put one inside each plastic egg.  You can create 2-4 sets like this (based on number of participants), with all corresponding pictures in the same color egg.  Group your participants, giving them each a color and instructing them to find all of their eggs, and bring them back to their designated area.  Once everyone has found all eggs, teams open their eggs, and prepare for a relay race.  One by one they run their story cards to their story board (construction paper or poster board) on the other side of the playing area, taping them to the board in order making the Easter Story.  First team finished wins!  Take turns letting each group tell the story using the pictures on their story boards.

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