Running a Christian Business

-Guest Post

“Work willingly at whatever you do, as though you were working for the Lord rather than for people.”~Colossians 3:23


     Whether you are the one in charge of a business or are a supporting employee or partner, it is important to live out your Christian principals in everything you do. Ecclesiastes tells us that we should do all things well.  Here are a few principles that can help you with running a Christian Business.

  •   People

     We should follow Christ’s example and serve others.  The concept of putting others before ourselves was a revolutionary concept in Jesus’ time. Yet He said that the last should be first and the first last.  Whatever your role in business, make sure you make an effort to put the people first! At Recess & Results our focus is 2-fold: Christian entrepreneurs and children. We want to provide individuals with a love for faith, family, and fitness to earn an income exercising those passions, while working to positively impact the lives of children “saving the world, one recess at a time”.

  • Money

     There is nothing wrong with money.  After all, a business needs to turn a profit in order to succeed.  The problem comes when achieving wealth becomes the sole purpose of our business.  According to Isaiah 43 our entire purpose is to bring God glory, not to make ourselves rich.  So in running a Christian Business, as with everything else, the question needs to be, ‘How will this bring God glory?’

  •   Excellence

     To excel means to surpass; be superior to; to outdo (Excel Define Excel at, 2016).  What does excellence look like when put into practice in your business?  It means to do your very best, just as if you’re working for God. It means going the extra mile for others to show them Jesus love.  This includes your customers, your employees, and anyone that you come into contact with in the course of doing business.

Your business provides another outlet to spread love and to lead like Jesus. Sometimes you’re the only Jesus the people that come in contact with your business will see. Encourage others and build them up.  Speak life and work to build relationships with people. If you are struggling with the ability to glorify God in your current opportunity, we invite you to learn more about the worshiping work culture at Recess & Results and pray about whether it is a good fit for you.