Road Trips the Recess Way


Summer is in full swing and for many families that means summer road trips. Whether visiting family and friends, or making your way to a vacation destination, here are a few tips to help make your road trip a healthy + memorable one.

1. Car friendly + kid friendly snack packs. Skip the gas station snacks, sugary juice boxes, and fast food drive-through, and pack a cooler with easy + healthier options. Splurge on a fun water bottle for each of your kids and make sure they fill it and bring it!
Some of our favorites include:

  • Shape Sandwiches (simple PB&J or Ham & Cheese cut into a child’s favorite shape makes this simple choice instantly more appealing! The Target $1 bin often has sandwich cutters. Our favorite is the star and train).
  • Homemade smoothie pouches: Blend your favorite fruits, veggies, and a bit of ice in a blender, pour into pouch and freeze. As you drive, these thaw and make the perfect, mess-free snack option for your kiddos!
  • Caterpillars + butterflies

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2. Active breaks. Build time for more than just bathroom breaks into your trip. Do a quick search for parks, rest stops with playgrounds, walking trails, etc along the way, pack a beach ball for creative games (deflated so it takes up no extra room) and plan stops accordingly. At the very least, a stop for gas can include a game of hokey pokey, follow the leader, or Simon says.

3. Car games: Movies, IPad, and video games can be great for helping to keep kids entertained while safely belted in their seats. We encourage a break every 1-2 hours to “shake the sillies out”, stretch, and play family-friend car games such “I spy”, “Storytelling”, and seated friendly version of “Simon says”.

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