The Perfect Income Opportunity for Christian Moms

-Guest Post

When we were kids we had Saturday morning cartoons then it was out the door to go play outside. Today there is a never ending supply of cartoons, video games and worldwide web at our children’s fingertips. While technology has provided great benefits to our society, it is important that we as Christian moms, monitor the things our innocent children are exposed to. “If you don’t teach our kids to follow Christ, the world will teach them not to.” I know from experience this is often times easier said than done.


As Christian moms we try to help our kids lead a Christ-centered, well balanced life. At home we encourage them to limit their time on their devices and we set aside time for family activities and prayer. We pay attention to the friends our children are making and work hard to surround them with other Christ-centered influences. We pray each time we drop them off at school, asking God to bless and protect them, the teachers, and the other children. We speak life into them as often as posible, reminding them of God’s promises and instilling that truth as the foundation for their life.

Still, we yearn to do more! Our mom hearts cry out, searching for ways to “parent by the book”, seeking out our “village” to help us train our kids in the way they should go. We struggle to find the balance between being a wife, a mom, and financially contributing to our families as we strive toward the image of the Proverbs 31 woman.

There are many great places to get involved, that help support the Christian walk for you an your families! Check out our suggestions below!

Local Church

  • Getting plugged in with a local church family is such an important part of a Christian walk! We encourage you to google search churches in your area and visit them until you find one that fits you and your family.

Virtual Community: There are many great virtual communities that allow you to be fed by other Christian moms! Check out a few that we love and get connected!

Recess & Results:

  • Offers a worshiping workplace and business opportunity for believers to help in “saving the world, one recess at a time.”
  • Rejoice at Recess faith-based kids fitness program geared toward building Godly Confidence, Godly Character, and Godly Friendships while building strong mind, body and spirit
  • Gives Christian moms the opportunity to make a positive difference in their community while exercising their passion for faith, family, and fitness