November Family Fitness Activity: Parachute Tag!!

-Written by: Beth Mueller, Founder Recess & Results

Some of our most loved Recess activities include the parachute, and we have a feeling yours do too! This month’s family fitness activity is guaranteed to increase heart rates, smiles, and laughter. Beware, and PLEASE try this at home!

Parachute Tag: For this game you can either use a real parachute as can be purchased via like this one found here. Or, you can simply take a large sheet you have in your closet!

To start, encourage all family members to stand around the parachute (or sheet) so that you are evenly spread out, each grabbing hold of the edge. Practice lifting and lowering the parachute a few times, first slowly, then faster, and then rapid speed! Slow down again, and lift the parachute as high as you can overhead. The person who is “it”, will shout out the name of another family member, who will try to run to the other side of the parachute before it comes down to “tag” him / her. Add variations to the game by thinking of new ways for family members to move to the other side (skip, hop, twirl or crawl).

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This is one of those activities for kids that are just fun for all ages – ENJOY!