New Year’s family fitness activities

-Guest Post

It’s a new year and if you’re like most, then one of your resolutions is to get fit.  With so many kids glued to their devices today, it’s important to realize that your resolution isn’t just about you.  This resolution should be something to encourage the whole family to get fit and start living a healthier lifestyle. So, here are some New Year’s family fitness activities for all seasons.


  1. Go ice skating.  Ice skating is low impact so it’s easier on your joints than say, running.  Aside from being a great workout, going as a family is just plain fun!  When your workout is fun, you’re more likely to stick with it.  When you’re all having fun, the kiddos won’t even know that it’s exercise.
  2. Pick fruit.  Not only will you be getting exercise by bending or climbing (depending on what fruits you’re after) you’ll have the added benefit of all that healthy fruit to snack on when you’re done.
  3. Go play laser tag.  Toting around that laser gun during every game helps to build muscles and burn calories.  All of that running around doesn’t hurt either.  As a matter of fact, a 120-pound woman playing laser tag for just 13 minutes can burn 100 calories.
  4. Water balloons!  Nothing says fun and fitness like an all out water balloon/squirt gun fight.  Let’s face it, no one just stands still and lets themselves get hit by that cold water.  We all run, trying to get the other guy without getting doused ourselves.
  5. Jump on a trampoline.  What kid doesn’t like a trampoline??  Just 13 minutes and that 120-pound woman has again burned 100 calories.
  6. Go on a nature walk.  This is something that can even include Fido.  It gets all of you out in the fresh air and sunshine and lets you see some of God’s wonderful creation.
  7. Play charades.   For this one, you don’t have to go anywhere.  You can do it rain or shine.  Family game night is always fun when you put your whole self into it.

     Try out some of these for some of your New Year’s family fitness activities, or come up with some of your own.  Don’t forget to try Recess & Results too.  Your kids will love it!