Money for Moms!

Are you:

  • Looking for a FLEXIBLE way to financially contribute to your family, while getting paid a wage you are worth?
  • Passionate about Faith + Family + Fitness (in that order)?
  • Determined to have more FUN in all aspects of your (mom)life?

☝☝☝  US TOO!   Recess & Results was created for moms like you, by a mom like you! 

You see, at RR we believe that Mom-ing is important work, but we also know that “MOM” is not your only name.

We understand ALL. THE. THINGS. that run through your mom mind because we are MOMS too!

That is why we created your DREAM “job”!

The perks?

  • No more mom-guilt, no need for explanations.  Faith + family come first to everyone at RR – everything else is secondary (including Recess).
  • The “uniform” is leggings + ponytail.
  • You set your own schedule working as little or as much as you like.
  • Your kids can come with you (or not)
  • Double the “average side hustle” pay – (yes we said DOUBLE)
  • Purpose-filled, PRAISEWORTHY paycheck!  No more doubting whether the time away from your family was worth it.
  • Low stress + lots of laughter + FUN.
  • Tribe of like-minded moms + instant friendships that will last a lifetime.

Sounds FANTASTIC but what exactly do you get paid to do?

–> You get paid to PLAY!! <– 

RR Owners launch + lead play-based kids + family fitness programs, ??literally getting PAID TO PLAY ? on a schedule they set for themselves – all while working together to “save the world, one recess at a time” and gaining valuable business training + Christian development. ????

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