Designed by mom’s, for mom’s, this refreshing + energizing  wellness group was created for the new mom who is committed to health, and is searching for a baby-friendly social outlet, but is too tired for boot camp!

MOM-ME moms are looking for more than an exercise regime.  They are looking for real world answers and social support to their new baby (and baby body) questions!  MOM-ME moms are not ready to throw their tired bodies into a hard-core bootcamp, but yearn for the opportunity to be active with fellow moms in a way that leaves them feeling uplifted, energized, and “normal”.

  • Ease into exercise and bring your baby with you
  • Learn simple movements to boost energy and alleviate stress that you can use at home
  • Stretch sore, overused muscles involved in breastfeeding, lifting + carrying your bundle of joy
  • Tone “mommy” trouble areas
  • Share “mom-ents”, ask questions, and laugh alongside a supportive group of moms
  • Build lasting friendships for you and your little one!

Each 45 minute session includes a light “baby wearing” wellness walk, mom-me wellness education, shared “mom-ents”, and baby playtime.

RR mom-me groups are sprouting up in malls, city parks, public beaches, neighborhood walking trails, churches, community centers (and more), all across America!  It takes a village… come meet yours!


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