Let’s Get Moving…. Into a Kids Fitness Business

-Guest Post

Setting up a kids fitness business is a great way to provide something positive to your community. It is worrying… most of children in schools all over America are just not getting enough exercise. That is why parents are eager to find extra curricular activities that their children find amusing and fun.

kids fitness business

Children gyms are blossoming around the country because they offer a great solution to this lack of exercise. Just like a regular gym, a kids fitness center allows them to workout, burn energy and meet new friends while having lots of fun! We must be careful though, to educate ourselves on what kids fitness should look like. Simply taking adult exercise theories and applying them to children can be dangerous. The fact is, kids fitness looks much different than adult fitness.

Technology and video games have turned a whole generation of kids into passive mode. PlayStation, IPhones or Tablets are a large reason why kids rather spend their free time inside the house playing video games instead of practicing sports or doing other physical activities. It is true that these digital games help stimulate their brains in a positive way, but it is also a fact that kids are lacking physical exercise because of the amount of hours they spent in front of the screens.

A children’s fitness gym is one way to encourage kids to create healthy habits and receive enough physical and mental stimuli helping them grow stronger and healthier. Kids fitness gyms have become a profitable business for entrepreneurs mainly because parent’s are now aware of the need for more PE activities, and are actively seeking them out.

Recess & Results offers entrepreneurs the opportunity to offer age-appropriate, entertaining exercise to the kids of their community. Recess & Results offers instructor certification and ongoing training, as well as a wide range of structured programs that can be tailored to groups of children as well as programs and memberships that encourage parents and children to create fun, exercising habits together. What programs do you know within your community? If you are looking for more options, consider partnering with Recess & Results by becoming an owner.