More Than a Gym Class: Insight from a P.E. Teacher!

As physical education teachers, it is our job to promote and develop positive attitudes towards physical activity. Our task is challenging; teaching the value of physical activity and skills acquisition, while making physical education fun for all in the process.

Often times, teachers implement lessons and games that are fun to teach, but may be activities that fail to maximize participation, are developmentally inappropriate, or lack originality. Another problem is that some physical educators find their classes too large to even consider many physical education ideas, games, and activities. No question, these are just a few of the major problems facing many physical educators everyday.

Recess & Results stimulating assortment of fun-packed, educational games and ideas not only focuses on participation and involvement for the large class, but will intrigue, engage, and motivate your students for years to come.


Over my 37-year experience as a physical education specialist, I have developed, designed, and modified curriculum.

I have focused special emphasis on many games and activities to include experiences that teach cooperation and encourage teamwork. These values are instilled through motivating and challenging activities that will have all children coming back for more. As a physical education teacher my students learned:

  1. a variety of enjoyable, all-inclusive physical activities, designed to build self-confidence, and promote cooperation, fair play, and responsible participation, while encouraging lifetime fitness.
  2. more activities that are action-packed, providing lots of choices and opportunities to challenge our students with countless opportunities for success, no matter the skill level.
  3. to move from comfortable, familiar, and functional physical education to movement education instruction that is rich with opportunities to engage children with fun, challenging, and dynamic experiences.
  4. fun, movement and skill-based games, provided in a context of realistic situations that promote the skills of communication, cooperation and personal responsibility, while learning to apply critical thinking and problem solving; crucial life-skills that are necessary to allow all of us to think for ourselves and be productive human beings. Incorporating these skills in games is the perfect way to teach for transfer by providing children with a hands-on approach to practicing and learning skills of this nature.
  5. to implement games that go beyond exhibiting rote memorization of performing skills to games and activities that present problems, thus requiring students to learn how to brainstorm, collaborate, put into action and evaluate strategies in order to be successful.

The physical education program at Recess & Results has one goal in mind, seeing all our students getting physically fit and having some fun in the gym! This is a big reason that I joined forces with Beth Vazquez—we had the same goals as I had in my own physical education classes.  This is a great program to get kids engaged and stay engaged for a lifetime.

If you are a P.E. professional, or simply an individual with a passion for fitness, consider bringing Recess & Results to your community by joining our team of

Written by Recess & Results IL Owner and Physical Educator Michele Batz, Ph.D.