FAMILY WELLNESS FOR THE CHRISTIAN PARENT Committed to your family’s health + wellness but not sure where to start? 🤔 Find yourself in the drive-through more often than you like to admit? 🍟 Need more energy? 😫 Curious what God’s word says about wellness? 💗🙏 Lucky you. We have answers! GOD’S WORD ON WELLNESS This 8-week interactive program was designed by Christian moms for the Christ-centered parent who is overwhelmed with ALL the wellness information out there and is ready to focus on the timeless, never changing, Gold-standard…. God’s word on wellness. From the comfort of your couch with an option to join a local fellowship group, this virtual (yet interactive), easy to digest program you offer tools + techniques that will allow you to:
  • Understand key biblical teachings on health + wellness and how to EASILY apply them to your life today
  • Create a 3-step morning routine that fuels your family with joy and intention for the day ahead (mindset?)
  • Intentionally strengthen your body, mind, and spirit through simple meal planning and timeless dinner table traditions
  • Implement a FUN family fitness night with activities the entire family will actually enjoy
  • Create a LASTING healthy lifestyle focused on loving the Lord your God with all your heart, mind, soul, and strength
  • Strong, confident, and rested parents! As parents we set the tone for our families. It is important for us to find our rest in Jesus… to reset ourselves every so often, and to be open to learning new techniques that allow us to run our homes most effectively.
  • Happier, healthier families! At RR we care about the entire family – bodies, minds, and spirits. We believe families that pray + play together, stay together and we want to help make certain you take on life together as your strongest selves. We understand wellness can be a BIG, INTIMATING concept, and we are here to make it SIMPLE and FUN (yes, we said FUN).
  • Strong(er) disciples filled with energetic enthusiasm for their God-given purpose… no matter what their age or life stage.

Throughout these 8 weeks, you will gain education and participate in simple, yet life-changing actives that will help you + your family achieve optimal wellness and realize your fullest potential in Christ.


  • Weekly “Wellness in the Word” newsletter focused on the topic of week and filled with biblical reference, educational insight, and practical tips
  • Tip sheets that keep everything you are learning simple, straightforward, and easy to implement
  • Family challenges and activities that educate and build healthy habits in an entertaining way
  • Live “cooking with kids” demo
  • Insight from our panel of experts
  • Virtual fellowship + accountability group
  • Online discussion, contests, and prizes!
  • 1-1 video (or phone) coaching allowing you personalized insight for your family, easily scheduled based on your availability via the click of a link
  • Option to join a group meeting locally in your community to review information, participate in family fitness classes, pray, and fellowship


At the end of this 8-week program, you and your family will be CONFIDENTLY:

  • Strong(er) disciples
  • Treating your body like the temple it is
  • Exchanging IPad, pods, phones and other e-devices for entertaining exercise with the family
  • Intentionally scheduling priorities, and finding peace in downtime
  • Communicating, laughing, and engaging in family dynamics with JOY


Week 1: The WORD on Wellness: “What is wellness?”
Week 2. The 3-Step morning routine that will change your life
Week 3. (Life-giving) Water
Week 4: Family Nutrition 101
Week 5: Technology: The good, the bad, and the ugly
Week 6. Entertaining Exercise for the entire family
Week 7. Communication: Table talk, car conversations, vision boards
Week 8. Rest: Boredom and Sleep
Recap + Rewards

—> Join our next group Jan 18th – March 16th <—
– 8-week virtual program + PLUS 3 in-person family fitness classes with program accountability and fellowship (lead by a certified Recess & Results instructor in your community)
ONLY $159 $97! **Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back!

Special offer for limited time – act fast!

Special offer for limited time - act fast!

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