Family Friendly Thanksgiving Activities

-Written by: Beth Mueller, Founder Recess & Results

Check these Recess & Results approved Thanksgiving activity and keep your families active during the holiday!

tail tag game

Turkey Trot: Many communities host local, family friendly “Turkey Trots” Thanksgiving Eve + the morning of Thanksgiving. Seek one out to get your family active in the fresh air for a good cause!

Thankful Themed Scavenger Hunt: Gather your family and pair them in teams for an interactive, Thankful Themed Scavenger Hunt! To begin, download our “Thankful Scavenger Hunt” template, and fill in the blanks with things you are Thankful for. Teams cam complete this on their own, or you can do it together as a large group. Once complete, each team will go off to gather 1 item that represents each “blessing” on the list. (example – thankful for Grandma could mean finding a picture of grandma, getting her scarf, a cookie she made, etc, Thankful for fresh air could mean grabbing a leaf from the yard, or a rock from the driveway, etc). Each team will work together to gather them items as quickly as possible and come back at the designated meeting place once finished. First team WINS! Once everyone is finished, take time sharing what you collected!


Turkey Tag: We love this take on an all-time RR favorite, tail tag. Let’s Get Together created a great “Turkey Tag” game + DIY project that will keep your families moving, grooving, and laughing this holiday! Check it out!