Childhood Obesity: 5 things you must know

We talk a lot about wanting to leave the world a better place for the next generation.  In that conversation we MUST include the health of our children.

child obesity5 things you must know about obesity:

  1. By 2030 the US is expected to have 17 million obese children. (CNN)  17 MILLION

  2. 75-80% of obese children become obese adults.  (Center for Disease Control)

  3. Physical consequences of obesity include greater risk for diabetes, heart disease, asthma, sleep apnea, heart attack, and stroke.

  4. Lowered self−image, heightened self−consciousness, and impaired social functioning have been noted in individuals who either become or remain obese during adolescence. (National Institute of Health)

  5.  Childhood obesity is responsible for $14 billion in direct medical costs annually.

What can we do about it?!

Weight gain is a simple formula of calories in vs. calories out.  When we consume more calories than we burn, we gain weight. When we burn more than we consume, we lose weight.  Balance allows us to maintain weight.

In today’s sedentary lifestyle and drive-through society, we must provide more opportunities for kids to be physically active (moderate – vigorous exercise), and slow down enough to make healthy meal options a priority (less fast food, more table time).

Saving the world, one recess at a time.

Recess & Results offer play-based programs that teach healthy habits and build confidence + character in kids.  By providing entertaining options for kids to be active and learn healthy lifestyle choices, we are combating childhood obesity and building strong leaders of tomorrow.

Our Rejoice at Recess faith-based programs teach children that their body is a temple for the holy spirit, thus we must take care of it and keep it strong.  We have the only faith-based kids fitness program on the market, and through it we are working to build disciples strong enough (physically, mentally, and spiritually) to full God’s call on their life.

We invite you to consider joining our mission by becoming an owner and bringing Recess & Results entertaining exercise programs to the kids and families in your community.