Challenges of christian motherhood and the many hats we wear

-Guest Post

Many women today feel pressure from every side.  They long to be good wives, mothers, children, and Christians, because many are all of those things. They wear many hats.


christian motherhoodThey are trying to be all things to all people (see 1 Cor. 9:22).  Sometimes they may drop the ball and people may see that their juggling act is not as smooth and polished as they let on. That’s O.K.  We’re not called to be perfect, but we are called.  The fear of failure shouldn’t keep you from doing what you feel called to do.  It shouldn’t keep you from stepping out in faith. Sometimes failure and weakness can be the real blessing.  Even though Paul begged for his thorn in the flesh to be taken away, he eventually realized that Christ’s power was highlighted when he (Paul) was weak.  After all, people would look at him and say, ‘How can he do that when he has such difficulties?’

Feed My Lambs

Christian motherhood isn’t about drawing into our own little world.  So put yourself out there.  As Jesus admonishes Peter in John 21, “Feed my lambs.”  Do you see a need?  Pray fervently about filling it. The youth in your community would greatly benefit from spiritual leadership.  You could do that while also helping them have fun and develop their bodies along with their budding faith.  Recess & Results allows you that opportunity.

Recess & Results:

  • provides a safe, fun environment for kids
  • has exercise programs geared toward kids
  • gives Christian moms the opportunity to make a positive difference in their community


So, don’t be afraid to get out there.  Let your children see you in whatever you do, working at it with all your hearts. Wear those hats with pride!