4 Fun ways to celebrate Mothers Day

Make the moms in your life feel extra special with these simple activities from Maryland Owner Bridget Bonnano and her assistant Easton!

The best part…. Most of these can be done using supplies you already have at home!

  1. Start the day with Breakfast in Bed

Create Handmade Menu and deliver to moms to check off what they want as they stay cozy and relaxed in bed.

Here are great smoothie recipes from experts including R&R founder, Beth Vazquez!

  1.  Decorate moms room or bathroom with a special heart shape message on her mirror:

Grab a pad of post-its and on each one write down reasons you love your mom (examples: fun, kind, great chef, funny, makes me feel safe).  Then place those post-it notes in the shape of a heart on the wall or mirror.

  1.  Make a memorable keepsake card:

Watch this quick video to show you how to make a memorable Mother’s Day card with just paper, marker, and scissors!

  1. Kick the laughter in your celebration up a notch with a free special virtual event created to honor moms…. Mom + Me Recess & Results class!!! RSVP here!

    Bridget Bonanno is a wife, mom, fitness professional turned virtual school stay-at-home-mom (thank you COVID), and Recess & Results owner in Olney, MD.  Learn more about Bridget and her backyard recess club, + check out her class schedule here.