From The Better Mom: Recess & Results {review & giveaway}

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If you’re like me, you might be looking for ways to keep your kids active and away from electronic devices this summer.  Of course you can go to the Farmer’s Market or beach- those are lots of fun, but what about exercise?  Maybe it’s just me, but exercise and fun don’t mix well in our household.  My younger kids want to play and my older daughter is just at the point she wants to jog with me (which I love!)  We usually end up doing the same routine; going to the park to let the younger ones swing, slide and climb while my oldest daughter and I jog laps around the parking lot.

In all honesty, between the many questions from my offspring and their reoccurring urgent restroom requests, I usually just get my workout in when the kids are asleep or at school. [Sigh.] I wish it were not so.  I am so ready for my kids to have FUN with me while they make healthy choices!

Recess & Results is an exciting answer to this need of mine and maybe yours too!  This program appropriately calls their workout sessions, “recesses.”  I love that because isn’t that what we want to feel like when exercising- like we are at recess? RR offers different programs for preschoolers, elementary age kids, Mom & Me (for babies & moms coming this fall) and my favorite- Rejoice at Recess, which is a program that includes biblical teaching, games and worship!

The over-the-top bonus is that Recess & Results isn’t only going to solve the issue of having fun while exercising with the kiddos.  Recess & Results also offers you the opportunity to earn an income! What?! Yes.

So, how does this work?  Well, if you would like to own a small business that supports your values and a flexible schedule while still fostering faith and keeping you active, then maybe you should consider this outlet and investment!

There is a reasonable start-up cost to becoming a certified Recess & Results trainer and then from there you pay a monthly membership fee (which allows you to have your own personalized RR website, marketing materials, ongoing education and more).  You can find the details here.

Beyond that, you get to keep 100% of what you earn and Recess & Results is the only Christian business opportunity focused on kids and fitness! How cool is that?!


I had the privilege of asking two RR instructors why they would encourage someone else to be an RR instructor and an important fact about RR that they wanted others to know. I thought these answers gave some good feedback on the heartbeat of this program:

“RR is something that needs to be in every community.  Very few school districts offer the recommended physical fitness guidelines within their curriculum and unfortunately physical education is the first thing cut from schools.  Recess and results offers additional opportunities for children to meet and exceed their physical fitness needs while building social skills, self-esteem, friendships and so much more!” – Ashley Armstrong, Instructor for Recess & Results

“RR is not modified adult fitness.  It is specifically for kids including nutrition & education about our bodies in a way that is fun for them to learn.” – Monika McKennie, Instructor for Recess & Results

Three aspects that specifically stood out to me as I studied this program were that:

1) Rejoice at Recess faith-based program is the ONLY faith-based kids fitness program on the market.

2) As an instructor, you are impacting the lives of your own children, plus children in your community while staying active yourself AND earning an income!

3) As an instructor, you have unlimited earning potential with license to teach all RR program formats at unlimited locations in your community!

Wouldn’t it be amazing to have that initial trainer fee taken care of? Like, “poof,” your start up cost is taken care of now all you have to do is go through the training and your off & running?  Well, Beth from RR is giving away one free startup investment!!! That is a $249 value!


To enter you need to do two things:

1) Like the Recess & Results Facebook page.

2) Tag two friends on the giveaway post on the Recess and Results Facebook page.

Stay tuned on the Recess & Results Facebook page for the announcement of the winner, which will be in one week! Also, there is a special discount to get started that is offered for The Better Mom readers if you click here

I truly hope you have a wonderful summer full of tons of smiles, lots of worship and plenty of “recess” time.  JMay your exercise feel like play, your summer be long and you & your kids be changed for the better this season.

Sunshine and laughter,

-Lindsey Feldpausch