Best Side-Hustle for Military Moms

It’s Military Appreciation Month (Military Spouse Appreciation Day is May 12th)! I’m a newbie to being a milspouse but I can tell you that milspouses are unique in their own right because you sacrifice goals, careers, retirement, and you are constantly trying to reinvent yourselves due to moving every 3 years. Having my own teaching career and retirement stopped, it was important to be able to continue to find something in my career field, draw an income, have my kids with me and still invest in a retirement and it not be interrupted when we have to move.  Basically, become what I call a Milspouse Mompreneur. Then I was introduced to Recess & Results. BINGO!  Why is R&R so ideal? Well….. Here are 5 advantages to being a Milspouse Mompreneur with Recess and Results.
  1. You can take your business with you wherever you go! As a former classroom teacher this is a dream come true! Some states have tried to make it easier for military dependents to teach in their state but you still end up paying quite a bit out of pocket to recertify just to move again to another state (or even out of the country) in another 3 years. With Recess & Results you just pick up where you left off. Easy!
  2. You can take your kids to work with you! How many jobs do that? My children are school age but I know spouses with younger children and for the most part choose to stay home because it is more cost effective. Being able to draw an extra income AND have your kids with you is a definite WIN-WIN!
  3. Flexibility! When you have little ones, flexibility is a must for survival! Recess and Results allows you to create your own schedule around those naps and feedings.
  4. It is the best way to connect and network! Milspouses are always trying to find things to do to keep themselves busy. Hosting playdates and recess classes (even allowing them to take a break) is ideal for your neighborhood and community and as mentioned before an easy way to draw income.
  5. It’s fun! I mean why not? Why not have a side hustle that IS truly fun! We as milspouses deserve to do something that we actually enjoy! I mean you get paid to play! What’s more fun than that?!?!
Recess & Results definitely checks all of the boxes! A fulfilling side hustle that will bring joy to your life! Go check it out! Afrisa W. Gardner, MS.Ed