Best Devotionals for Kids

As a Christian #boymom, I am always looking for ways to fill my kids up with the truth about God’s love, His commandments, and His promises to us. I want to be intentional about shaping Godly confidence & Godly character in my boys, and raise them to be STRONG, not shaken Godly leaders.
One way we do that in our family is through daily devotion time. We read the devotion together, ask questions and talk about it, and then we pray.

And after we pray, we ask God if He has anything to say to us. Then we listen expectantly in stillness and silence.

This time is so precious! It is amazing how God speaks to my boys and I praise Him that they hear His voice without question. Many times the message He speaks to one of us is a blessing for all of us

Moms often ask me what devotion we use – here is a list of some of my favorite:

  1. Heros of the Bible by Joshua Cooley
  2. Make Waves by Kellen Moore
  3. Bibleman Devotional by Tim Wesemann
  4. One Year of Dinner Table Devotions and Discussion Starters by Nancy Guthrie
  5. “In His Name We Play” 5-day Faith + Fitness Family Devotional from Recess & Results. Grab your free copy here!

And another must-have for raising STRONG (not shaken) men of God, “See You at The Table” by Ryan and Blair Critch. Though this is not a devotional, it provides a simple 3-step daily routine that helps you grow STRONGER as a family, in an intentional way. It is the perfect journal to complete together during breakfast, ensuring you start your day with focus on God, serving others and a grateful heart.

Have another devotional you have done with your kids and loved? Share with me! Snap a photo and tag me on IG or FB, or shoot me an email [email protected]. It takes a village!