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Start a kids faith + fitness club using our proven profitable system

Want to earn flexible income while changing the world?
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Calling all moms & teachers who:

✔want to earn income on a flexible schedule
✔are passionate about faith + family + fitness
✔have an unshakable feeling you were made for more

Get paid to play!

Start a bible-based fitness + character building club in your community or online.

Moms & teachers everywhere are joining the movement to change the world AND get paid while they play with our proven profitable, “plug + play” system that offers everything you need to earn income while building Godly confidence, Godly character, and Godly friendships in kids.

It’s time to chase your god-sized dream!

You’ve been dreaming about ways to earn income on a schedule you set for yourself so that you don’t have to sacrfice the things most important to you.  

You are yearning to use your passions for purpose.  

And you just can’t shake this nagging feeling you were made for more.

I know exactly how you feel because I was exactly where you are.

“I wanted to be a present mom AND have a purpose outside of that but couldn’t find any solutions that made that possible.  Then God gave me the idea for Recess & Results.

At first I was scared it wouldn’t work.  Then I discovered a simple system that made securing my first afterschool partnership easier than I thought.  My business took off from there!

God called me to share that same simple process that worked for me, with you and the owner opportunity was born!   R&R Founder Beth Vazquez

Imagine what life would look like with...


Earn a wage you are worth as a part of a mission that matters, on a schedule you set for yourself!

Play-filled Purpose

Shape kids of today into STRONG leaders of tomorrow and change the world as stay active with your own kids AND make money!

Godly Friendships

Link arms with like-minded moms around the world! Recess & Results is a sisterhood. We don't just do business together, we do life together!

lace up those sneakers, grab your kids & your water bottles and GET PAID TO PLAY!

lace up those sneakers, grab your kids & your water bottles and GET PAID TO PLAY!

Recess & Results is perfect for moms & teachers at any stage of life who are passionate about faith, family, and fitness, and who want to use those passions to make a difference while earning income!  

Whether you are a savvy business owner, or you are new to the idea of entrepreneurship, Recess & Results can work for you!

GET PAID TO PLAY and “change the world, one recess at a time” as you transform kids of today into STRONG, confident leaders of tomorrow via Recess & Results: 

  • preschool + after-school programs
  • homeschool enrichment classes
  • health club partnerships
  • church collaborations
  • mom + me groups
  • neighborhood recess classes
  • themed birthday parties
  • backyard recess clubs
  • and more!   

Recess & Results offers evertying you need, at an investment you can afford!

Kids Fitness Certification

The education + knowledge you need to lead successful classes. E-Course completed from the comfort of your couch.

"Paid to Play" Business Blueprint

Your step-by-step guide to get you from where you are now to running a profitable kids fitness club.

Professional Website

Plug + play website to share with prospects, give a professional look to your business, and effortlessly accept registration + payment

Activity Playbooks

Don’t waste any time searching for kids' activity ideas. These kid-tested + mom-approved class outlines include the most loved activities in an easy to follow format. New themed playbooks each season keep your offerings fresh & exciting!

On-going Business Support

24/7 access to a private community of owners to ask questions, share ideas, brainstorm solutions and grow in faith

Personal Biz Coaching

Reach your goals faster with 1-1 guidance from another successful R&R owner.

Instant Credibility

License to use the proven profitable Recess & Results name, trademark, and copyright programs.

How it's working for others:

Start Your R&R Biz Today & Begin making money and a difference in 30 days or less!

✔Kids Fitness Certification: $399 total value
✔“Paid to Play” Business Blueprint: $1200 total value
✔Activity Playbooks: $500 / month value
✔Professional Website: $200 / month value
✔Ongoing Business Support + Biz Coaching: $500+ / month value

TOTAL INVESTMENT: $1599 one-time investment + $1200 / month


Where else can you...

  • Make money AND change the world while you PLAY?!
  • Invite your kids to be your biz partners (at any age)?!
  • Start a proven profitable, Christ-centered business for less than a Target shopping spree?? 
  • Pay a flat rate to run your business that is less than you spend on dining out each month?
  • Stay fit AND worship while you “work” alongside a community of Christian friends?

Start your R&R Biz Now for just $49 / month!

New Year Special: ends Jan. 31st

You might be wondering...

How much can I really make? Here is an example: If you teach 2 classes / week, and have 10 kids in each class at an average of $10 / child / class – you are earning $200 / week for 1.5 hours of classes (classes are generally 45 min).  Opportunities to grow your business with more classes and instructors under you are available as well!

How do I find places to teach? 
The “Paid to Play” business blueprint walks you through this process and our ongoing business training + support helps make certain you execute successfully!

How do I get paid? 
Direct deposit to the bank account of your choice! All class registrations, event fees, and program partners will pay you directly via the professional website that is included in your $49 / month operating fee.  You keep 100% of what you make (minus credit card professing fees of about 5%) and funds are available via direct deposit weekly.

What is included in the $49 / month fee? 
The monthly “VIP” operating fee includes: Unlimited access to the trainings in our “”Paid to Play” profit success system”, additional business trainings each month, license to use the R&R trademark & name for instant credibility, new activity playbooks each season, the business technology you need to operate successfully and professionally, and on-going business support via our monthly business brainstorm sessions and 24/7 access to other owners via our private FB group.

How long do I pay $49 / month? 
This is a 12-month commitment, renewed on a month-to-month basis after the initial 12 months.

Can I really do this? 
If God is calling you to it – you can do it!  Our proven profitable system makes it simple and the support is worth 10x the monthly fee!

What if I change my mind after I get started? 
We offer a 7-day, money back guarentee.  If for any reason the opportunity fails to meet your expectations, your money will be refunded and the monthly fee cancelled.  No questions asked.   

What Owners are saying...

It's time to stop doubting and start doing!

You shouldn't have to choose between being a present mom and having a purpose outside of that. Now you don't have to!

As seen in

We are committed to your success!

At the end of the day if the only thing you gain from the opportunity is a stronger faith in God + a bible-based fitness philosphy that can be applied to your own family, plus a supportive group of like-minded women challengeing you to be your best in business and in life, would it be worth it?  

This is the lowest risk opportuinty you will find – let God suprise you. 

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