10 Questions to ask before starting a side hustle –

A Praiseworthy Paycheck

Are you:

  • Determined to be your own boss but struggling with fear?
  • Career driven but experiencing mom-guilt?
  • Feeling called for more and unwilling to settle for less?

At the same time Dreaming of:
1) a flexible schedule built around your priorities 
2) a “work from anywhere” lifestyle 
3) using your God-given passions for a praiseworthy paycheck?

☝☝☝  I totally get it.  That was me.  

I found a way to turn my God-given passions into a paycheck AND take control of my career while still being the best wife and mom I could be. 💗🙌

Then God called me to share my secrets of success with YOU 🙌🙌 and that’s why the Recess & Results owner opportunity was created.  🏃🎈🏃

Recess & Results is the leader in kids + family fitness, and we keep God first in all we do.  We are redefining “work” for the modern day disciple making the above checklist of dreams their reality!

So ditch the dreaming and start doing! —->

Become an owner to join our team of Christ-centered entrepreneurs around the nation who are building their bank accounts while serving God and keeping priorities of faith, family, and fitness in check!

RR Owners launch + lead play-based fitness programs, 💪💪literally getting PAID TO PLAY 🏃 on a schedule they set for themselves – all while working together to “save the world, one recess at a time” and gaining valuable business training + Christian development. 💪🏃🎈🙌

Become an Owner: START YOUR RECESS MINISTRY BUSINESS Today for just $249 and make money in as little as 1 week.  

Recess & Results offers:

  • Certification and on-going education making you a confident, trusted expert in kids + family fitness.
  • Owner Training + personalized business coaching guaranteeing your success as an  entrepreneur.
  • Unlimited earning potential.
  • Flexible schedule.  You choose when and where you teach, and you can take your kids to class with you.
  • ZERO Royalties.  You keep 100% of what you earn.
  • Business suite with unlimited access to tools + resources.
  • Personalized RR webpage
  • Consistent Christian development in areas of faith, fitness, business, life and leadership
  • Fellowship with RR owners across the country
  • 2-year license partnership agreement with option to renew

Intrigued? 👉 Talk with a Recess Owner to learn more. 👈

Is Recess & Results right for you?

R&R is not the best opportunity for everyone. We are seeking only qualified owners dedicated to the RR mission.
  • Have you been searching for a worshiping workplace?
  • Do you desire a faith + family focused career that allows you to exercise your passion for fitness?
  • Dream of operating your own business but fear the large financial investment?
  • Is God calling you to impact the lives of children?
  • Are you looking to add kids fitness programming to your current business?

If you answered “YES!” to any of these questions you have come to the right place.  Get started today, gain instant access to training materials, and start making money in as a little as 1 week!

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