Beach Ball Activities for Family Fitness Fun

Family Fitness does not need to involve boring bootcamps or intimidating workout videos.  Just the opposite – it should be simple and FUN!


Try these family-friendly fitness games easily played with a beach ball and rest assured you are doing your body good!

  1. Dance party!
    Turn up the tunes (we love Jesus Jams) and don’t let the ball hit the floor as you move to the music.
  2. Beach ball hockey sack.
    How many times can you kick or knee the ball before it hits the ground? (Can be played alone or with a group. Try to beat your high score, or compete against one another to see who can get the most.)
  3. Sprinkler keep away!
    Turn on the sprinklers and send the kids to the backyard with the beach ball.  One person is “it” and tries to steal the ball as it passed from player to player through the sprinkler.  Ball can only be held for 5 seconds before it must be passed.  Great fun in the sun!
  4. Beach ball hockey!
    Items needed: Beach ball, full or 1/2 pool noodles, 4 cones to mark goals
    Divide the players into 2 teams and set up goals at opposite ends of the playing field.  Players use only their noodles to try to hit the ball into the other team’s goal.  1 point for each score.  First team to 10 wins!
  5. Thunder Ball
    Throw a beach ball in the air and hop on one foot (tiny hops) as many times as you can before you catch it.  Take turns or have a beach ball for everyone to play at the same time.  Who can do the most?