April’s Fun Family Fitness Activity of the Month

April’s Fun Family Fitness Activity of the Month

Perfect for family night, afterschool activity, a neighborhood barbeque, or a youth group event. All you need is an open space, and a safe object for throwing. We recommend an outdoor park or backyard (weather permitting), and a beach ball, balloon, Frisbee, nerf ball, or bean bag.

Objective and Rules: One person is “it” and the rest of the participants are on the same team. To begin, the player who is “it” is in the middle, with the team surrounding them. The objective is for the team to keep the ball away from the player who is “it” by moving around and passing it to other team members. Team members may only hold onto the ball for 5 seconds, but may run, spin, turn, jump, etcwith no limits throughout the game. Once the player who is “it” successfully captures the ball, another player becomes “it” and the game starts again.

Play with Purpose: Keep-away is considered a moderate intensity activity. This entertaining exercise game enhances endurance and conditions the cardiovascular system by increasing the heart rate and respiratory rate of participants for intermittent periods of time. The game works on flexibility as well as warm muscles are stretched and pulled bending, twisting, and turning to throw, catch, and capture the ball.

Warning: Explosive laughter, perspiration, pounding hearts, and excited spirits are likely to result.

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