Ages 6-11

CONFIDENCE is key in school age children, particularly as they are faced with the challenges of today (body image, peer pressure, bullying, unhealthy habits) and place value in being accepted by their peers.  Recess & Results builds positive self-image by teaching healthy fitness and nutrition habits, and increases self-esteem, confidence, and independence through interactive, entertaining exercise with peers.

Recess & Results school-age classes include:

  • Age-appropriate, entertaining exercise aimed to enhance physical skills at each participant’s unique pace, instilling confidence with each accomplishment
  • Teachings of sportsman, cooperation, and healthy competition via team activities
  • Games developed to embrace uniqueness and promote acceptance of all individuals
  • Opportunity for participants to act as RECESS LEADER, cultivating confidence, self-esteem, and leadership skills.
  • RULES! All participants agree to follow class rules at the start of each Recess session.  Rules are important not just in class, but are applicable to the outside world as well, aiding in the development of values for our participants.  Rules are: 1)Always try your best  2)Respect yourself and others at all times  3)No talking when the instructor is talking  4)Have fun!
  • Supervised free play allowing youth to participate in activities most desirable to them, and enhance social skills including peer communication, cooperation, and problem solving

Recess & Results preschool classes aim to support and build on the following milestones provided by the American Academy of Pediatrics and Center for Disease Control.

Elementary Physical Milestones
Social + Emotional Milestones:
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