AGES 3-5

Healthy preschoolers are ACTIVE preschoolers who seem to have an endless supply of energy! They love practicing and mastering new physical skills, and use movement as a way to express themselves. Recess & Results supports preschoolers physical, social, and cognitive development, while building the foundation of healthy habits that will last a lifetime.

Recess & Results preschool classes include:

  • Age-appropriate, entertaining exercise games allowing for the practice and development of physical skills, independence, and building confidence
  • Easy to follow, instructor lead activities with simple direction
  • Team games geared to instill a sense of cooperation, inclusion, patience (taking turns) and reinforcing sharing skills
  • Entertaining education building healthy habits in fitness and nutrition
  • Supervised free play allowing children to explore physical capabilities, utilize imagination, and develop social skills including peer communication, cooperation, and intro to problem solving

**Parents are welcome to stay and observe class. If parents wish to participate, please inquire about family classes.**

Recess & Results preschool classes aim to support and build on the following milestones provided by the American Academy of Pediatrics.

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