5 Slinky Exercises to Keep your Kids Entertained and Healthy!

Slinkys have been a kid-favorite for decades.  But have you considered using a slinky for exercise?!


We have!
Try these at home and reap the benefits of play-based family fitness!

1. Hold the top and jump.  Can your slinky hit the ground before you do?

2. Place your slinky on top of your feet and race around a cone and back without it falling off.  Try again on your head and then your Hand.

3. Hold both ends of the slinky, turn up the tunes and DANCE!!

4. Use your slinky to play hot potato

5. Race your slinky down the stairs. Then try to “tie” getting down the stairs at the same time!
“A joyful heart is good medicine” Proverb 17:22
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