5 FUN Ways to stay active and off the iPad!

Computers, i-Pads, video games are all fun right?

What if I told you there are other fun things your children can do and get them away from the screens?

Good news, there is!

There are many activities children can do to stay active. The key is to find what they enjoy.

Here are 5 of my family’s favorite FUN ways to stay active and off the i-pad!

  1. WALK!  Go on “exploration walks” around the neighborhood or at a nearby park. If you have a dog, bring them! Add some fun challenges throughout the walk. For example, run to the next tree you see, hop over the lines on the sidewalk, or chase the butterfly!  Get creative and make a game out of a simple 30min-1 hour walk – your family will beg for more!
  2. SWIM! Swimming is an important life skill.  According to KidsHealth.org, drowning is the second leading cause of death for people between the ages of 5 and 24. Investing in swimming lessons not only keeps kids active, but saves their lives! Swimming is a great low-impact exercise that improves cardiovascular health and strengthens lungs.  Have the kids practice their swimming and then play fun games in the pool.   You could also try POOL AEROBICS! Frog jumps, jumping jacks, water arm lifts, high knees, and so much more.
  3. Ride a bike! Make it family bonding time and go for a ride around the block a few times, or find a new trail to explore.
  4. DANCE PARTIES! Personally, my favorite. Turn on some of the children’s favorite tunes and just have them dance around. Dancing is a GREAT form of exercise and keeping the kids active and moving. Change up the songs and dance moves. Play a little game of follow the leader or freeze dance to keep them engaged in the family dance party.
  5. RECESS & RESULTS CLASS! What better way to get the kids moving than to join our recess classes which brings fun with play-based exercises, whether it be virtual or in-person. The best part of the virtual classes is that you can catch the replays and repeat the favorite ones. In Recess classes, the kids warm up with an obstacle course and some stretches. Then, 3-4 recess games are played, and the classes conclude with cool down activities. The kids get some health and wellness education and character-building too – bonus!

There are so many activities you all can do with your kids that gets them away from the screens and up from the couch. These were just to name a few. The key is finding what interests the kids and making  games out of it so they HAVE FUN!.

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**Lani Landera is a certified youth movement instructor and Recess & Results owner in Miami, FL.  To join one of her classes or virtual recess club, click here.