5 Fun Thanksgiving Activities for when you are “Home for the Holidays”

“Home for the holidays” has a whole new meaning for many this year.   Personally, I am using this opportunity to create fun new traditions and lasting memories filled with laughter.

My hope is that these 5 fun activities bring joy, laughter, and a new sense of strength to your families as you come together in Thanksgiving.

  1. Turkey Tag! One of my kids personal favorites and fun for the entire family!  All you need is a pile of plastic grocery bags and an open space in your yard, driveway, or family room.  (I highly encourage playing outdoors, especially in the leaves and / or snow.  It adds such a fun element to the game and fresh air + vitamin D is an added bonus that boosts immune systems!)  Get the rules here.
  1. Thankful Scavenger Hunt. Inspired by my grandmother, this is a timeless new tradition your family will look forward to year after year.

Download our “Thankful Scavenger Hunt” template and fill in the blanks with things you are thankful for.  Teams can complete this on their own, or you can do it together as a large group.  Once the “thankful” list is full, each team will go off to gather 1 item that represents each “blessing” on the list.  (example – thankful for Grandma could mean finding a picture of grandma, getting her scarf, a cookie she made, etc., Thankful for fresh air could mean grabbing a leaf from the yard, or a rock from the driveway, etc.).  Each team will work together to gather their items as quickly as possible and come back at the designated meeting place once finished.  First team finished WINS!  Once everyone is finished, take time sharing what you collected! Download template here.

  1. “God is good” balloon paddle. Grab those leftover paper plates, attach a popsicle stick or wooden spoon to create your own paddles, and blow up a balloon.  Use your paddles to pass the balloon back and forth, each time saying, “God is Good”.   After the game you can talk about things that have been upsetting, disappointing, or frustrating this year, but always come back to the bright side, remembering that even in the midst of COVID, GOD IS GOOD and has blessed your family in many ways (playing this game together is one of them)!
  1. Virtual Game Night! Missing your family?  Set up a virtual game night using Zoom or FB rooms and come together after Thanksgiving meals to play charades or family trivia! Download RR Trivia cards here.
  1. Family Recess! Get in the Christmas spirit as you play + laugh your thanksgiving belly’s away with our fun “Christmas” themed Recess family class!   To view the Christmas Family recess class, click here.

Happy Thanksgiving my friends! If you find these ideas helpful, please pass them on and be sure to share your pictures with us by tagging us on social media.  Facebook   Instagram

Be blessed!