5 Family Fitness Fun Activities with a Frisbee

Looking for activities to keep your family entertained and active this summer?

Need ideas for a family fitness night, youth group, summer camp, Sunday School or VBS?

Grab a frisbee (or several) from your local Dollar Store, Target, or WalMart and get moving. Check out Recess & Results 5 Frisbee Favorites and let the games (and laughter) begin!


1. Catch (obvious) 
2. Frisbee race: one person throws and the other tries to race to where it will land and arrive there first 
3. Frisbee basketball: stand behind a line and throw your frisbee into a laundry basket.  Retrieve and repeat.  See how many you can make it in 1 min.  Play for highest score. 
4. Frisbee tag.  Try to tag players by hitting them (waist down) with the frisbee.  Once tagged, they become “it”. 
5. Home run frisbee.  Challenge 1: Who can throw the farthest? Challenge 2: How many bases can you make it around before the frisbee hits the floor? Challenge 3: Spilt in 2 teams and play frisbee baseball. The “batter” simply throws the frisbee instead of batting the ball ?

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