3 Traits of Successful Mompreneurs

There’s a new word out there, it’s called ‘mompreneurs’.  Oxford Dictionaries defines it as a woman who sets up and runs her own business in addition to caring for her young child or children.  You can see an example of a mompreneur in Proverbs 31.  This woman does it all.  Just what are some traits of a successful mompreneur?


  1. They’re great multitaskers.  This should come as no shock.  How many times as a mom have you helped with homework, given advice on a tough problem, and broken up an argument all while fixing supper?  Running a business and running a home simultaneously should be a piece of cake for them. They know how to strike a balance.
  2. They know what people need and how to give it to them.  They’re used to identifying problems and finding solutions at home.  As a result, their ideas for business opportunities are generally sound ones.
  3. They’re passionate.  They believe in what they do.  Many times their business sprang from a need that they identified in their own sphere.  They saw that something was missing and they found a way to fill that need.  They want to help others.

If you’re looking to be a mompreneur, why not try opening a Recess & Results in your town?  Just like the Proverbs 31 woman you can be “energetic and strong,” and make “sure all (your) dealings are profitable.”  Not only will you be able to help moms and kids by giving them a place where they can get fit and have fun, you will also be able to be a light to your community.