3 Things Your Homeschool / Virtual School Schedule Must Include

1. RECESS!   Make sure RECESS has its place on your homeschool schedule.  If participating in online school, advocate for recess breaks for your child.

The American Academy of Pediatrics describes recess as “crucial and necessary” for children.  It benefits their physical well being, ability to focus, productivity levels, cognitive performance, and emotional development.

IMPORTANT: Do not confuse “breaks” for recess.  Recess needs to involve the expenditure of energy – laughing, running, jumping, sweating, screaming 🙂  Not sure how to make this happen?  Join our Virtual Recess Club for indoor + outdoor recess options. 

2. Start + end the day with movement.  Start the day with a praise party or worship walk! Research shows starting the day with movement offers more energy, focus, and optimism throughout the day.  In addition, those who are active in the morning tend to make healthier food choices and remain more active throughout the day.


Finish the day with an extracurricular / enrichment activity that interests your child.  This could be an online sports lesson, martial arts, yoga, dance, or a Recess & Results play-based program.

BONUS if the family can participate in the class together.

3. P.E.! Find an age-appropriate curriculum or group led by a certified instructor.

BONUS – Recess & Results offers a faith-based virtual recess club that teaches about the body & the BIBLE!

BONUS: Save time and stress by letting us plan everything for you – you simply “plug & PLUG” (the opposite of sit + stare).  Join the Virtual Recess Club!