3 Things to Look for in a Kids Fitness Instructor

3 Things to Look for in a Kids Fitness Instructor

Are you looking for a kid’s fitness instructor for your facility, evaluating a program for your own child(ren), or considering becoming a kid’s fitness instructor yourself?

With childhood obesity on the rise, recess and physical education time being cut from schools, and an abundance of research on the positive effects of physical activity in children, families find themselves on the hunt for avenues to keep their kids active, healthy, and thriving.

Here are 3 simple things to consider that will help you make the right choice!

  1. Education + Experience

Don’t be afraid to ask questions about the training and experience of the instructor.  What is his / her educational background?  Certification?  What experience does he / she have working with kids and of what ages?  Can he / she provide references?

  1. Kids Fitness Philosophy

If someone is going to be leading kids in fitness activities, it is of utmost importance to understand their personal views and ideals on the topic.  Simply ask “What is your kids fitness philosophy?”  Ultimately you are looking for answers that mention the importance of age appropriate activities that involve peer groups, fitness activities that are fun and resemble “play” (with purpose of course), the importance of building a healthy foundation and love for physical activity early in life, and answers that are overall NOT extreme in nature.

  1. Attitude + Energy

Every class is only as good as its teacher!  Instructors can be following top of the line curriculum written by professionals in the field, but if they are not passionate about the cause and excited to be there, it will not be a success.  Attitude and energy are arguably the two most important characteristics when working with children.  Does this person have a genuine love for kids?  Is he / she smiling with a bubbly and animated personality?  Does he / she have a positive following of children and parents?

If you are looking for a trained kids fitness professional, or are considering becoming one yourself, check out the options Recess & Results has to offer!  Questions?  Contact us at [email protected]