3 great bible websites for kids

In today’s world technology is king.  Everyone is plugged in somehow.  Children are no exception. Technology isn’t inherently evil, technology is a tool.  Like any tool, we should learn to use it properly and teach our little ones to do the same.  Here are some of our favorite Bible websites for kids.

bible websites for kids

  1. Adventures in Odyssey at whitsend.org.  For those of you who haven’t discovered Odyssey yet, you’re in for a treat (yes, adults will love this one too).  This radio drama/comedy from Focus on the Family has been around since 1987 and is still going strong.  It manages to stay fresh and relevant to what’s going on today while staying true to God’s word.  One of the great things about this one is that since they are audio stories, you can listen while staying active.
  2. The Bible App for Kids from OneHope allows you to take God’s Word on the go with you.  There are animated adventures that let your child get to know the big stories of the Bible.  There are games and challenges that offer rewards to your little ones as they interact with the stories.  This App helps them to ‘hide God’s Word in their heart’.
  3. Kids Answers from Answers in Genesis is one of the fun Bible websites for kids.  This site has answers to some commonly asked questions (and you know that kids ask a lot of those!), videos, activities and more.  Everything from creation to dinosaurs to evolution to the Bible.  Topics are discussed in a way that kids can understand.  Even at a young age, it is important that kids are prepared to ‘give an answer’.   Help them know why they believe what they believe.

Technology is a great tool when used responsibly.  These Bible websites for kids help you do that.  Use them, share them, but don’t forget to put down the tech from time.  Get out there, be active, have fun! Recess & Results is a terrific place to do just that.  Don’t have one in your town?  You could launch your own Recess & Results business.