3 Effective Cardio Exercises to do at Home and for Family Fitness

For me, cardio must be FUN! I always tell the people I work with that the best kind of cardio (and any exercise) is the kind you enjoy and thus will continue doing! There are so many options… no one needs to settle for a boring treadmill.



Our favorites:

  1. Dance (freestyle) with the kids. Turn on your favorite music (we love Jesus Jams) and let loose!! Not only does dancing have amazing cardiovascular benefits, research shows it is an instant mood and energy booster.  It is great for all ages and all you really is yourself.
  2. Tag (in the backyard).  Talk about a workout!! Grab your family or a few friends and bring out the child in you!  Did you know TAG literally stands for “touch and go”??
  3. Jump rope. Maximum benefits in minimal time.  Quick, efficient, and effective.  It doesn’t take long to see and feel results and it is easy to do at home, indoors or out, with your favorite music is blasting.  In fact, ACE Fitness says that “A jump ropes is the only piece of home cardio equipment you really need”