3 Easy + Healthy Summer Snack Ideas

Searching for ways to keep your kids hunger satisfied AND bodies healthy? Check out these simple snack ideas and try them at home!

apples and peanut butter


1. A fun twist on a long time favorite: apples and peanut butter! This simple snack packs a powerful punch is certain to capture the attention of your kids!



Fruit Popsicles


2. Fruit Popsicles! Blend whole fruits of your liking, and pour into ice cube trays. Insert popsicle sticks for tradition pops, or use as ice to flavor water.



3. Banana breakfast pops! We love this idea posted on “The Money Saving Mom” blog. Although we didn’t find a recipe, our take is this: Peel a whole banana and cut in half. Drizzle with honey and dip in granola. Freeze. A great option for breakfast on the go, or afternoon snack time.

Banana breakfast pops


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