12 Memorable Ways to Celebrate Easter at Home

With social distancing in full effect, many families are wondering how they will be able to celebrate Easter this year with some even suggesting “Easter is cancelled”.


There are endless ways to celebrate Easter in a praiseworthy, family-focused way, even while practicing social distancing.

We pray these ideas to help your family create new memories, traditions and most importantly celebrate the free gift of salvation that Jesus gives us.

  1. “EGG” your neighbors. Fill plastic eggs with our Easter Story Cards, candy, or trail mix, (or anything you want), toss them on your friends/neighbors lawns and RUN! Text or call them to let them know they have been “egged”.


  2. Enjoy a simple Easter-themed breakfast buffet:
    1. “Cross” (turkey) bacon
    2. Grape juice (blood of Jesus)
    3. “Empty Tombs” (donuts, bagels, or biscuits with removable holes – stuff with a donut hole, strawberry, or simply cut a hole in the center of a biscuit and place it back in the biscuit)
    4. Boiled eggs (add fun by coloring them the week before Easter) with a sign that says “Silly Rabbit, Easter is for Jesus”.
    5. Fresh fruit
  3. Read the Easter Story MATTHEW 26-28, MARK 15-16, LUKE 22-24, JOHN 17-20
  4. Take Recess & Results Praise Dance Challenge!
  5. Attend Online Easter Service. Need one? Join us!
  6. Join families across the nation for interactive Easter entertainment with Recess & Results at 11 am ET on Easter Sunday via FB LIVE! Join us!

  7. Decorate your door and/or windows.

  8. Play Easter BINGO. We love this FREE download from Christian Preschool Printables.
  9. Enjoy a Resurrection Scavenger Hunt. We love this one from StrongLuv.
  10. Set-up an Easter story egg hunt using our downloadable Easter story cards. Details + downloadable story cards here.
  11. Take a family Worship Walk. Turn up your favorite Jesus Jams on your mobile device, and walk your neighborhood worshiping Jesus as you do.
  12. Spread the Joy with a random act of kindness! Make “Jesus Loves You” flower bouquets to drop off on your neighbors doorsteps. FREE DOWNLOAD

How are you celebrating Easter? Share with us and other families by tagging us on Facebook or Instagram. Let’s make this year’s Easter celebration our most memorable one yet. #Jesusisthereason

John 3:16 For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.